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 October 11, 2015
This week has been great. on Friday i was on tradeoffs with elder Lamipeti from tonga and that was an interesting time. it started thursday night we got to the flat planned then went to bed and at 2 Am we woke up to things falling on the floor coming form the study room. so we walk over and turn on the light and there was animal i have no idea what it is. I sent a picture. It made a huge mess though it pooped everywhere and knocked alot of things on the floor. It was too early to deal with it so we just closed the door and went back to sleep. in the morning it was gone and we cleaned up everything. We were able to teach alot of people and it was great. we found a new investigator! Also something fun was that we went on splits with the members because we had 2 lessons at the same time so he went with the 2nd councilor of the bishopric and i went with one of the priests. We went to the lesson who i had no idea who it was elder Lamipeti said that it was the first lesson so that is what i prepared but turns out that sparro the guy who we had the lesson with just wanted to argue and try convert me and the priest with me. I am so grateful for the spirit because if the spirit did not help me i would have no answers. But only because of my heavenly father all his questions that he asked were answered. I alwase get antied but it is ok i know it is just a test of faith. i just need to start talking and then the words will come. I really loved general conference so much revelation. The thing i liked the most was to ponderize scriptures. definitely i will do that in English and Japanese. Follow up with me please. Also next week i will send my parents videos and they can post it on facebook for everyone elce. June is still good for baptism thins week we are really excited for him!


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