Saturday, August 13, 2016

Helping Investigators Progress

November 8, 2015

This week was another great week of miracles. Josh has stopped drinking!!! Now we just have the drugs. Also Ganelle stopped methadone she is now clean from all drugs!!  It has been hard but they are on the way. Also alot of changes are going on in the area. We got 3 new companionships so there are 6 sets of misisonarys in the same area and the same ward. our are is huge though it takes us an hour by train to get from the top to the bottom. The 3 new sets are called the Maquary uni area and they are suposto focus on mq uni chatswood to eastwood and all uni students. All the places i have been finding the past 2 transfers. We can still go there but we are asked to focus on other parts of the huge area. The thing is that misisonarys have been working in only thoes areas for years because they are the most fruitfull. The other parts of the area are only door knocking instead of street contacting. Also the other areas are all really rich people and there was no success in the past. My entire mission i have done street contacting except for 8 weeks in clearemont meadows. But most people are not rich there and people are really humble there. In the mission greenwich(my area) is known for street contacting and is known for having no success door knocking. I am so excited!!! I know that i have to completely change my teaching and finding styles. I know it will be really hard and we will be so dead tired from walking everywhere (Because mostly we are in trains) but i also know that this change is from god and he has prepared people for us to find. I really cant express my excitement in this new changes. I know also my english will improve because teaching to people who have english as a second lang. really hurts your own lang. One time i sat very confused why i could only remember 11 months thats how bad its getting. Also while i was praying i felt that i would stay in this area for 4 more transfers after this one the reason. to help josh, Joshua, and Ganelle get clean. Also to set the foundation for finding and teaching non uni students in a uni student area. It will be so much fun! This week will be one full of miracles and hard times but it will be great!!

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