Monday, August 1, 2016

Update on Investigators

February 1, 2015
This week has been really interesting. Jenny is back in china and she will be back on March 1st. Harry still has his baptismal date. We have 2 solid new investigators Marcio from Brazil and Angy( An-ya) from germany. They are really awesome. Also Michael from china is homeless now as of yesterday. Michael is a really interesting person he is really smart and a very philosophical person even more then the average Chinese person. He lives of money his parent give him and he spent all of his money because he wanted to take a trip to melbin without telling his parents so now he is broke for 19 days. There really is not much we can do for him but he has a great attitude and he is excited to experience it. He is not the only one Nerosh is a member who decided to be homeless for a little bit because he wanted to try it out it was actually really funny when he told us about his experience. Lastly we met Lindon again my prayers have been answered but i have to be more specific in my prayers because i have been praying that we would see him again and we did but he was too busy to talk so he said hello said he had to go then he left. But life here is awesome im having a great time transfers is this week i will let you know in my next letter what happened. I really think elder white will be leaving though but we never know.
Sis. Janae and me

End of Trade offs

Zone leader's flat

Our flat with Elder Arnold


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