Monday, August 1, 2016

Terrorist Attack in Sydney

December 21, 2014

So last monday we were all on lockdown because there as a terrorist attack. It was so sad men with guns held alot of people hostage and killed 3 of then at a cafe. All missionarys in the area had to go to the chapel and stay there all day the situation lasted all day and part of night time. it was really close because we have been finding near the cafe before but for us everything was ok. no missionarys were near the area when it started. On a happier note i got bible bashed by a man in a flower dress with a hula hoop it was really funny he is a old Chinese man who could barley speak English he was kind but just kept repeating that we were brothers and john 4:1 i have a picture ill send it. Also we went soap boxing again but there was 6 of us 4 elders and 2 sisters we talked to alot of people and it was really nice but not very successful so we probably will not do it again. It was really sad though because i talked with this one man and his wife and he was a returned missionary and he told me that the church was fake and he just hated the gospel it was so sad. Also 2 old men came and started to try us that because we did not have all the answers we should not be teaching but oh well its just sad that they dont have our point of view. We had our ward christmas party this week and i got a award for "Hitting the ground running" it was a really good time. Lastly we have a Baptism this weekend his name is eason he is from china. My companion was teaching him before but i was here for most of it including the baptismal invitation. I cant wait the date is December 27 we dont know the time yet.

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