Friday, August 12, 2016

Teaching Investigators

August 3, 2015

It was a great week! We had a great zone meeting where I learned a lot more on how to improve. Also we went to visit an investigator(Ken) and his friend who is less active was there and a little bit drunk. But The less active testified of what we said and even taught correct doctrine. It just really shows how much in control heavenly father is. The less active actually helped us out a lot. I have been stressing out in a good way about some of the people we are teaching we have had to drop a few baptismal dates because they just were not ready. They are all still progressing but slowly witch is fine. We don't want to rush the people because of a lot of reasons the main ones are 1. they have a high chance of going less active if they are rushed. 2. Missionarys are not here to convince or force we are here to invite. Invite the spirit to teach, invite to be baptized things like that. Something that I have really been working on is my pride. For the past transfer I have been living with the most prideful missionary in the mission according to my mission president. it has actually been a great opportunity to see the prideful things I have been doing that im trying to cut down. I have learned that everyone has pride in some degree. But I know that if I continually put my trust in heavenly father then this blessing/trial will become done
Elder Lavulo

Zone Meeting

Elder Evans

Temple Day

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