Friday, August 12, 2016

Following Promptings

August 31, 2015

this was a great week first off Elder Celente is home now he finished his mission so his companion Elder Cecilo is now with Elder Brown and i for the rest of the transfer (3 weeks) so we are in a trio three Elders in one area. It will be very interesting especially when finding but im really excited and cant wait to see how it will turn out. We saw heaps of miracles this week one of them being we found 6 new investigators. That is crazy we have been so blessed. the first week we were here we did not find anyone the week after we only found 2 and now we found 6 heavenly father has blessed us so much. Something that has hit me alot stronger  this week is following promptings. No matter how unreal or weird a prompting may be follow it. As long is it is something good or seemingly neutral do it. I committed myself to follow all promptings last week no matter what they were. some of them i thought twice about then repented and followed. In those times i thought why would i do that. Then i remembered to follow and then heavenly father will let me know why after. So many times this week following promptings has shown miracles. For example yesterday we were finding it was toward the end of the day Elder Brown has been a bit sick but it got worse around that time. We were both a bit tired from finding all day but a prompting came to go to a war memorial. That place usually has no one there and we never go there because of that but the prompting came that there will be someone sitting on the bench and that person will need to hear the gospel. My awesome companion agreed to go even though he was tired. We went and there was a couple sitting we said hello and the first thing the guy said was " look im already involved with a church i know about Mormons and i dont agree with your teachings im asking you respectfully to move on" Usually when people say that we just say " ok we hope you have an awesome night" but then the spirit said show love. So i asked him what church and he looked kinda annoyed and told us. Luckily we have seen the church he goes to it is a big one we have walked past alot when we served in the city. We then started to comment how nice it was and he opened up he started to talk to us about how it was built. we then asked him what he knew about the LDS church and he has some false information. We cleared that up then taught about the restoration the bore testimony about Jesus Christ. When we were bearing testimony his eyes lit up and we know he felt the spirit. He did not want to learn more or even take any thing but he was grateful for the talk. Seeds were planted. While we talked with him we asked how he knew the bible was true. He told us that he has been around it since he was young and that there is physical evidence of the places the bible talks about. No one has ever answered me "because god told me" when ever i ask that question it is alwase  because my priest told me, because my parents told me never has someone told me that they prayed and asked god themselves. The only way to know of spiritual things is by spiritual means. Im very grateful to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ  are real not because of what my parents or teacher have told me but because i have asked Heavenly father myself and he has answered me more then once and in many ways.

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