Sunday, August 14, 2016

Feeling the Spirit in the Mist of Confusion

July 10, 2016

So transfers happened im happy to still be here but E. Stianhagen will go sad. But all good my new companion is E. Samene from the philipines it will be great to see him again and it will be fun to be his companion. I actually have a lot of driving to do after we email E. Stianhagen and I will drive down to Tamworth then he will go on while I stay in Tamworth for a day then tomorrow E. Samene will come and we will drive back and get home Tuesday night. Yesterday was a great learning experience. There were 9 people at church. The schedule was all messed up and it was crazy. But in all the confusion (during sacrament meeting) I still felt the spirit. At first this confused me. I thought how can this happen. everything is a mess. Then it came to me church is what we make of it. We go to church to take the sacrament and to be spiritually uplifted. I did not understand when the 80yr old member mumbled his talk but I felt the spirit. It is such and amazing thing and it applies so well to missionarys. The Atonement makes up for a lot more then we think it is the answer to our sins, sicknesses, emotional things, and so much more. We are not perfect teachers or speakers but when we try our best heavenly father will send the spirit to touch the hearts of everyone that's hears us if we are humble enough to listen and know that wether it is the prophet to a sunbeam we can learn form everyone.
Special Training

This is why we drink from bottles and not the tap and why we are careful when we do laundry haha

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