Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A New Companion

 May 18, 2015
This was a very different week i got a new companion from Maryland his young mens advisor was the hawaiian Football guy off meet the Mormons. Hes cool and ill be happy to get to know and work with him. We are still in the area i started in. Its funny Elder white alwase led the area and did alot of needed things. I knew that when he gets transferred i would have to do everything at least for the first few days so that Elder Leak can get to know the feel of the area. I thought that i would be stressed out but im calm. Its so great how much Heavenly father helps. The city is so much different then any other area in the mission. There are exceptions and things that you do here that you will not everywhere elce. So when new missionarys come in we have an orientation its really cool we went soap boxing again and there was success. We went with the Thai sisters and they got a new investigator and a referral. Things are going great im excited to learn from Elder Leak.
Transfer day

Elder Leak

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