Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heavenly Father Loves Us

February 28, 2016

When i was in my first area (The city) we met this girl that was crying. We talked with her and she agreed to come to the chapel We taught her a lesson and even gave her a blessing. She said she feels so much better and even left happy. We invited her to learn more but she said no... This really confused me. Why did heavenly father send us to her and hit her with the spirit so hard when he knew she would not continue down the path. There was a few more experiences like this. Then while studying the answer came. When Christ healed the 10 lepers he knew that only 1 would return. But he healed all 10 anyway. He did that because he loves them. Even if they make the wrong choices. Some times heavenly father sends us not to teach but to uplift and help. He sent us to that girl to help her even just for that short time. Also a guy told me i sound like an aussie!!!

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