Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Trials

January 17, 2016

I have really learned alot this week. Usually i have 1 big trail at a time but this week i got 3. But im really happy they have happened now. I can really see the change in one week. Trials are good. They help us grow and become stronger. Before my mission i prayed and asked that i would have a hard mission and looking back i have. But i knew that because of these trials i would be able to be so much better in the future. I have been doing alot of thinking back this week and i have really seen heavenly fathers hand in my life. I see how many times my prayers are answered. I still have a long way to go and the trials will continue but the best thing i have learned this week is how to be happy in trials. In the pre-mortal world we knew we would face alot of trials and sadness but we also knew that because of these things we would be able to be so much more happy. Trials are a good thing if they did not happen then we would not grow. Also in the book of mormon, mormon wrote a joke in it. 3Nephi:13" And there were some who were carried away in the whirlwind; and wither they went no man knoweth, save they know that they were carried away." For those who did not get it it says "Some people were carried away in the whirlwind, and no one knows where they went except thoes that got taken away by the whirlwind" This is what happends when your a misisonary for too long. Aslo i have started to study proverbs. That is really great scripture it has alot of things we can do to improve and lots of words of wisdom. I really think that this will be my last week in the area i have been here for 6 months already. I hope i stay but i think my time is up. So this week im going to do all i can to set things up for Edler Gamboa and the other missionary when he comes in.
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