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July 5, 2015
This week has been pretty ok. We have not been able to see as much success as the last two weeks but it is ok. I got a lot of prayers answered though. One for example was really funny. It was after lunch and I really wanted a cookie. But we had to go time was up. So I said a small prayer in my heart that I would get some. we went out and were not having much luck we were visiting potentials we had found when I first got here and none of them wanted to learn but I kept my spirits up and one of them said “ sorry I don’t want to learn but I made homemade cookies if you want one” Prayer answered. (We were on bikes all day) While we went on still no success while I was getting off the bike by pants at the let got caught and it ripped a nice line to the middle of my calf. But it was no problem and we went on. At the end of the day still no luck but I knew that heavenly father would bless us if we kept our spirits up. On the way home we went to subway for more cookies and they gave me a free bag full. They were in pieces so they could not sell them so I got them for free. As long as we keep looking forward and do all we can heavenly father will bless us. Also while looking around the flat I found weekly mission president letters from 1978 one of them talks about blacks getting the priesthood. President Howes is home and President Checketts is the new mission president. We went and did service in the blue mountains ill send the pictures.

Old Letters

Lucky Day

Zone Service

Blue Mountains

My Trainer

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

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