Sunday, August 14, 2016

Reaping Blessings

August 7, 2016

This was a absolutely great week I think one of the best on my mission. For 4 months I have worked this area hard with not a lot of success. But after the trial of our faith the blessings come. It all started with a member from the central cost calling us and telling us he has a friend who lives in Goodooga(4 hours away) we have never been able to contact this person because of the distance and in that town there is no addresses just the names of houses. He wants to come back to church and he wants his non member family to learn. So on the 16 of August we will leave and live in lightning ridge (3hours away) for a week with a member so we can travel to Goodooga to teach. Then a diffrent member also called us and said he has 2 friends who want to learn. They live in Gunnedah which is only 1 hour away(That is really close here). We went to visit sonny and mick(the NIs) Sonny was having a really bad day. His GF broke up with him, his son is a fugitive, his mother died 3 months ago. Mick was happy to see us and welcomed us in. He said he will talk to sonny so that we can all meet together. Mick said "I know you can help him" Then while finding we found a family 2 parents 9 kids and 1 on the way. We have a lesson with them on Friday. Then on Sunday sister Vowels brought her friend to church. We talked with here and she does not want to learn more just yet but she wants to check it out a bit first. She acts like a Mormon though so we think she will learn very soon. Then we got a new member that moved into the branch. She lives in Walget(2hours) She is from New Zealand and is a solid member. The work just exploded here and we will be doing a lot of running around this week. Lastly my parents got my BYU-Idaho acceptance letter. So after the mission that's where ill be going to school!

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