Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Many Travels

June 26, 2016

We had a great zone conference this week so we had a good p-day then travelled all Tuesday, had zone conference on wednesday then travelled back all Thursday. Haha normal week in Narribri travel travel travel. On Friday we stayed in Narribri and helped a member clean house. They are one of the best members in the area but the wife is a hoarder. The husband has Parkinsons and has to go to surgery soon. With the Pierces we finally convinced them to let us help clean (Missionarys have been trying for years) Finally they let us in. We took a few trailer fulls to the dump. They were so happy but there is still a lot of work to be done. On Saturday we travelled (haha again) to Gunnada to see all our contacts there. No one was home and one of our investigators split with his partner and moved away. With teaching at the prison that did not work out because there is no prison here. So the new idea was working with the local catholic church to set up an addiction recovery class. We volunteer at vinnies(kinda like a DI) every week and the boss there is our good friend. She is catholic and has a lot of connections so we will ask her for help with this. Hopefully it will work out so we can find more people in Narribri. Still working hard and still having fun doing it. 
A visitor

The old ship Zion

Zone Conference

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