Saturday, August 13, 2016

Making a Difference

December 14, 2015

For transfers im still in the same area with elder Gamboa lucky! We have 2 new missionarys from america in the flat and they speak chinese. Things here have been crazy i have noticed that all of our investigators have either walked up to us wanting to learn or they are refferals from the church head quarters. When Greenwich 2 got shut down we got 4 of their investigators. I dont think that we have ever been more busy. We have 16 active investigators and all we do all day is teach and travel from lesson to lesson its the missionary dream. I feel so blessed. All thoes days of finding and not finding anyone have payed off. If you work hard heavenly father will bless you even if it takes time but heavenly father will alwase bless you. While on a bus to an investigator some high school kids came in and the things they said really got me thinking. Everything was just immoral. The things they were saying had no respect to anyone. We have our brothers and sisters out there and alot of them dont know about the truth. The things that they talked about are the normal of today.  actually this is how i feel about my task as a missionary. There was once a old man walking down the beach and as he walked he saw thousands of starfish washed up on the beach because of yesterdays storm. He thought to himself what a pitty. Then he was a young boy throwing them into the water. The old man came up to him and told him "its useless you cant save them all you cant make a difference." The young boy looked at him then picked up a starfish and said "i can make a difference to this one and this one" His words really touched the old man and they worked all the way till night to save as many as they could. As a missionary my duty is to invite people to throw people into the waters of life. even though i cannot save everyone i can make a difference to each individual life. Once in the water there might be other storms that come and if we are not deep into the gospel we will get washed up again. After you are strong strengthen your brethren. We have a heavy task of helping people come to christ but because of the atonement of christ our burdens are made light. I can really see this happen in my missionary life every day. In the end our past mission president said something that is true. "Its just not everyone will gain celestial glory, witch we loosely term the kingdom of heaven"  even though my brothers and sisters will not all receive the celestial kingdom it brings me alot of peace that most will receive a kingdom of glory where they will be happy for eternity.
Huntsman spider (they eat other spiders)

Old City going home

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