Saturday, August 13, 2016

Update on Investigators

November 22, 2015

This week was interesting on sunday Joshua and jennelle came to church again but joshua had problems he got up in the missle of a talk and really loudly said sorry then walked out then he came back and yelled Jennelle ill be outside we asked her whats wrong and she dident know so she left after him. He had some doctrine issues but we were able to clear up everything and he said he was really depressed because he walked out and as soon as he did he felt thta what he did was really bad. But luckaly he called us this morning and every thing is great! We also did alot of finding this week and only taught 1 lesson in the whole 7 hours a day but we were still really blessed because we got 2 new refferals from the church! The less active that we got reffered last week (konark) he is great he came to church and loved it he misses church so much he has been la for 12 years. He has a non member wife and he wants her to join but she is catholic. She is open though. I cant beleive that i have been out for a year the time goes by so fast. I have learned so much and i know that i need to learn so much more. Alot of the plans and goals Elder Brown and i have put in place have been comming together it took a while but things are happening  Nothing too eventfull really happened just doing all we can.
Finding far has its benefits

Grandma (93 yr old Chinese lady she gave me my Chinese name)

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