Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Listening to the Spirit

June 28, 2015
This week has been really great we had our last conference with President and sister Howes so for dinner we went to $8 Steak. Also we went to the blue mts. for the last zone picture for them. We have seen huge miracles in our area also. we have been blessed by having our teaching pool exploding. Also yesterday I got a taste of a fullness of joy. It was around 8pm ish and we just finished dinner. We have a car but we were low on ks(Kilometers we are only allowed to go so many ks a month) so we got on bikes and rode to a neighborhood to do some finding. The thing was we did not really plan where to go we just rode following the spirit. We got to this really scketchy looking area.( picture the boonies and old houses with lots of trash around at night) As we were riding I saw a neighborhood and felt prompted to go down and find there. But then I thought na it looks really scketchy but then I rembered to follow all promptings so we turned around locked up the bikes and went door knocking. the first door we knocked on the guy was drunk but really nicely said he did not want to learn. then we saw 5 people sitting and drinking and smoking on their porch. We went to talk with them. the were not drunk but one of them(Kenny) wanted to listen. We walked across the street to his house and talked with him then one of his mates came with an old guy. The only guy said " Hi I was baptized by the Mormon church in 19something" he had a beer in his hand and I thought" oh man Kenny is solid az and now this guy is going to anti us. but The old man told Kenny and his mate to listen to us. As we talked Kenny said he has done bad and seen bad things but he wants to change. The spirit told me to offer a blessing. I did then explained what it is. He agreed. before the blessing I asked the old man (who had been less-active so long hes not in our records) to give a prayer so we could have the spirit. He did and the spirit was there. After the blessing the spirit was there so strongly and Kenny stood up and gave me a hug and said "You have no idea how much that helped me" The old man said" Kenny you and me are going to their church next sunday" I asked their mate how he feels and he said " I feel weird but its a great feeling. Its really warm" The old man explained that that is the holy ghost. We talked a bit more then set up an appointment. When we got back to the bikes. We found that someone stole the headlight to my bike but I dident care I was so filled with the spirit. It was probable one of the most happiest times on my mission. Then the spirit told us to leave quickly so we did. It was an amazing experience.
$8 steak with President and Sister Howes

Steak cups

Operation save the watermelon (Success)

going to Zone picture

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