Saturday, August 13, 2016

Studying Japanese

September 13, 2015

This was a great week first off the Japanese study is really paying off. Ever since i started to study we have been meeting more People from japan then normal. we got our first Japanese investigator Aya. Also something funny we were finding on the train and we said hello to this old man and he kinda gave us the stink eye but then near the back of the carriage i heard two people speaking Japanese so i walked over there and stated to talk to them.( with my normal study i memorize some sentences so i can start talking to people) They opened up and i started to talk about the gospel and the old man came over and said "Konichiwa Ladies" then walked off. They did not want to learn more but seeds were planted. we have been able to see alot of miracles in the week for example we went to millsons point to do some finding and there was an old Chinese lady just sitting in the bench. She did not speak any English but somehow with the little Chinese we knew we invited her to come to church. Then we called the Chinese speaking sisters to tell her where. The amazing thing was she came and really liked it so the sisters will teach her and they said she will probably get baptized! the work is moving but slowly but its ok we just have to continue to do all we can and heavenly father will bless us.
Train ride home

Harbour Bridge



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