Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Singing Hymns at the Train Station

April 26, 2015

Some great things happened this week First we re-met a man named Ivan who we met on the first week of my mission(In Sydney). he was happy to see us and wanted to learn more so we got a new investigator it was truly a miracle. Next it hailed! we were at a baptism just before it was about to start it started hailing. But it was over after the baptism. Then on the way back home we got to the train station and found out that lightning hit the train lines so they were fixing that and we had to wait a two other elders got stuck on a different train because the power was out. While we were waiting all the missionarys and about 20 investigators and members were waiting( There are 14 in my zone) Sister Mukuli-peli, Sister Weiss, Brother Mildinhall and i statred to sing Hyms and everyone was just looking at us the members and other missionarys started to join in the spirit was really strong and once we finished the train came.  lucky we all got home on time. Lastly a recent convert who elder white and i have been helping gave us tickets to go up westfeild tower we will go today we are so blessed. Oh and Sandy a recent convert told me probably how Arima became my last name in ancient japan no one had last names untill an emperor told every one to make on up so everyone made on up according to what they liked or had. Arima Means "Has Horse" according to a Japanese sister so they must have had alot of horses
The rain

Hyde Park at night

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