Sunday, August 14, 2016

Visit to Lightening Ridge

May 22, 2016

So this was a really intrusting week. We went to lightning ridge the furthest part of the mission and our area to visit Avalon and her family. She grand kids are not baptized mainly because her daughter is less active and not interested but she is ok with the kids learning. So we drove the 3 hours to spend friday and saturday teaching the kids and to have our monthly sacrament meeting for the members there. We got there and the kids were at school so avalons husband (Who is an opal miner) took us to some of the strip mines to look around. We found some opals ill send pictures next week because I forgot to take the pictures. When  they got home we taught them. They have a slight mental problem because of problems at all of their births but 2 of the 3 were receptive. The hard part is they live far so we will have to call a lot to follow up and Avalon will teach them a bit between our monthly visits. Usually when we go to lightning ridge we stay at avalons house but because the grandchildren were staying there she got us a motel room for that night. So I think we are the first missionarys to stay in a motel room. The next day we had a sacrament meeting. It is too far for the members there to go to Narrabri every week for church so every month we take the sacrament to them. It was a great meeting. We met in a bowling club but even with the small numbers the spirit was strong. I had the opportunity to sing in Japanese. That was nerve racking. After all this we drove home and almost hit a few kangaroos going 110 kilometres.
        Something that I have really learned this week though was we must do all we can do or we will not receive the help we desire. We have a bad situation right now. Our investigator is getting worse with the seizures she needs to go to a specialist today. A member wants to take her the two hours to get to one but there are a lot of problems there. She husband is the only one who can drive (Mission rules we and the senior couple can not take her even president cant override the rule) he has parkinson's disease. He can drive but its risky. Danny(our investigator with a baptismal date) has been getting worse and her husband is a little crazy if anything happens we are afraid he will sue. But the member does not care about all of that. She just says heavenly father will take care of it all. This is true to a point. If we do all we can do then heavenly father will take care of us. We must use wisdom in all things and "council with the lord" sometimes we have to step back and sometimes we must step into the dark. But in all cases we HAVE to have the spirit. By the spirit we will know what to do. The missionary problem. In the WHB it says that we are not allowed to hold children and all our leaders have told us no be exactly obedient.  What if there is a baby on the ground at church crying. What do you do? I have talked to a lot of missionarys about this and have got answers from both sides. What I think is to listen to that still small voice. I guess what it all comes down to is to constantly search out what is right, council with the lord in prayer, and listen to the spirit "it is by the spirit you will know right from wrong and have the assurance to stay on the pathway of righteousness"

Members in Lightening Ridge

Members in Narrabri

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