Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Blessing the Sick

June 7, 2015
This week was also and incredible week! We had a Hawaiian BBq at our flat. But the main thing is the absolute miracles that has happened. First two days ago we were finding in Victoria park and there was a group of about 15 uni students just sitting around. I felt prompted to go talk to them and they did not like missionarys very much. They started to tease and attack the church and us. But the thing was i did not feel ashamed. Not embarrassed i was o.k. When we walked away i felt that i had done what my heavenly father wanted me to do. Then the next day we went to the same park and there was a different group of uni students about 15 of them also. But when the spirit told me to talk to them he told me it was going to be different. that they would welcome me with open arms. So we said hello and one of them came up to me shook my hand and gave me a hug. We started to talk with him and found out that their mate died a few days ago and they were out there to remember him. We started to talk to him about the plan of salvation and then asked him to gather everyone so we could share it with everyone. He called everyone over and they all just sat and listened. I felt the holy ghost just burst within me and stated " I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I have been given power and authority to teach all of you, gods children." When that was said they all were taken back you could see the spirit working. Their eyes all light up. At the end of the lesson they all thanked me and a lot of them came up to talk and gets cards and phanflets. no one wanted a return appointment but i know that the next time any of them meet missionarys they will lissten to what they have to say. Later on that day Reena (a member from Fiji) Asked us to go and give ger father a blessing. He had a stroke yesterday. We said we would meet at 8 because we had a lesson at 7 so that was the soonest we could meet. She tried to text us at 6 saying that "It will be to late visiting hours finishes at 8" but her phone would not send the message. She tried shutting it down and tried to send it multiple times but it did not send. Our lesson reseculed  so we texted her" we can meet at 7" Then She tried to say ok and all of a sudden her phone worked and right after she said ok her phone just died. We later talked about that and she said "I know that that was heavenly father telling me he needs the blessing today!" Thats not the crazy part. When we got there she went over to him and asked "Do you know who i am?" he was awake but not very responsive. She grabbed his and but he did nothing it was like he was in a daze. He did not repsond to her at all. Before the blessing we prayed so the spirit would be there and Reena asked me to give it. When i put my hands on his head the spirit hit me. It was one of the strongest i have ever felt and heavenly father put there words in my mouth. He was blessed that he would make a full recovery that he would be back to normal. then the words "Stand up and walk" came out of my mouth multiple times. He did not get up but after the blessing Reena again went over and asked as she held his hand"Do you know who i am" and he lightly squeezed her and and nodded.  She told me to come and take his hand so i did. When i touched his hand his eyes instantly widened and he squeezed my hand hard and let out a groan of excitement.  We later talked to the doctor and she said he probably will not recover and if he did he has a very slim chance to become normal again. As we walked away i talked with Reena and found out that when the doctor said that both of us felt that he would be absolutely ok. that he will be talking by next saturday. Im so thankfull for my heavenly father for this experience. There are no words to describe how i feel.
Hawaiian BBQ

Elder Pearson

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