Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Say your prayers and read your scriptures

February 22, 2015

All is well the weather is warm and it is like hawaii it stays the same temperature all year round i am in the lowest area so this area will get the coldest so i will see in the winter. It is so great to hear every ones experiances can you do this every week everyday gods hand is in our life most of the time we do not notice it so what i have been doing is praying to see his hand more in my life and i really have Dad there is alwase time can you please share with me next time even if it is just a sentence. It is actually more important that you all read the book of mormon and have personal prayer every day it is the most disappointing thing when an investigator has not read and prayed every day because they will tell us that they have to felt a change or they can not feel the holy ghost in their lives and then we ask "Have you been reading" and "Have you been praying" everytime they say no. On the other hand when we talk to an investigator who has been doing that they are changed they are so much happier. There are some investigators who work 2 full time jobs and go to school and they still read and pray everyday and they see that there is still time to do the things they need to and more. I know that at the beginning it is hard but that is satan telling you to stop it is hard to ready and pray everyday but as you keep doing it as you show the lord that you are striving to keep his commandments by praying and reading scriptures every day he will bless you. I wish i had more then an hour to study i love reading the book of mormon. Im my missionary commission witch tells us what missionary are it says "by revaluation I have been selected as a personal representative of the lord jesus christ my voice is his voice" what i say is what he would say and he is begging you to ready the scriptures every day and to pray everyday. Love you HEAPS

Oh also Elder Bednard came to give a talk to the missionarys in Sydney North and South it was so good i have learned so much but we did not get to meet him also on march 7-9 we all will be leaving the city because of the gay festival i am still in the city and elder white is still my companion Missionarys in the city usually stay a long time one of them who is dieing next transfer Elder stephans our zone leader has been in the city for a whole year but most stay for 4 transfers
Chinese New Year

Going back home after a conference

Yo Ma (Arima)

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