Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Investigators

June 19, 2016

This was an interesting week. We went out with the less active George to watch his cattle. He takes them out to feed near the road so our job was to sit on one side and keep the cows in a certain area while he went to go cut firewood. Later on that day we had a family home evening with his family. That has been a great opportunity we have been having FHEs with his less active daughters and they have loved it. We were really happy because George was there this time. Slowly the whole family will come back. We also had a huge miracle. We travelled to Morrie and we visited the people around there. As we drove past a park we saw this Asian couple. So we parked the car and got out (I thought they were Japanese) but they were from korea. We talked with them for a bit and they said. "Arima and stianhagen you teach good things and we happy to you come to our home and teach we will cook good Korean food when you come" This is even better because there is a Korean family in our branch and sister lee has been sick for a long time. hopefully they will get baptized and become a huge support for the Lees. Lucky they live only an hour away from each other(That's really close here). Also I got a huge shock when I got my trunky letter telling me that I leave on October 25 instead of November 14 so that's sad.
Two sides

Round up dogs

FHE giant Jenga

Hide from the storm

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