Sunday, August 14, 2016


January 31, 2016

The first week in our new area was awesome! My new companion Elder Loni is from tonga and this is his last transfer so we are going to work hard and see miracles. He really knows how to love the people and work with the members. It rained alot this week one time while we were door knocking/visiting members it started to rain really bad. We are on bikes so we started to walk. Then lightning started to hit no joke every 10 sec and really close to so we said a prayer and biked as fast as we could to the last members we visited. We were stranded  there for a bit. I feel bad for the sisters because they got stranded at a bus stop. They were thinking about walking because they saw police trucks drive past with boats.(We are very far from the ocean and lakes) But they got home ok. Also when we were finally able to get home we had no power. The zone leaders were there and were trying to call us but could not get through. It was pritty crazy but everyone is ok. We also got a call from the other sisters in the middle of the night because their flat was flooding. Not because of the rain but one of the pipes broke i think. Funny week alot of water problems. But some revelation. At the beginning of the week i was thinking and praying alot about the district and the new area and the prompting came to open D&C to a random page. When i did D&C31:7 was already highlighted it talks about how peoples hearts will be open and they will receive us, From the things that has happened this week that blessing has come true. People have just been so open and i dident even get antied. this is the first week this has ever happened. In the district there is 2 sets of sisters and then the assistants. Its really exciting we get to go on tradeoffs with the assistants. We also have the best ward mission leader. He is so awesome! after church he invited us over for lunch then drove us around so we could visit heaps of less actives. He was a huge help to that also. The work will explode over here im just sad i will only have Elder loni for 1 transfer.
Packing up Japan

So much rain!

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