Sunday, August 14, 2016

Preparing for Transfers

January 10, 2016

This week alen got baptized, confirmed, recived the holy ghost and got the priesthood. He is so awesome really solid. When he bore his testimony the spirit filled the room. Im so greatfull to have been part of his conversion. On of the elders in my flat went home because of health issues and Elder Yang form my intake came in. Things have started to slow down a little here so we really tried to seek revelation on what to do. The next step is finding through the members. I have not done that at all my entire mission but i guess its the next thing we need to learn. We still have a few people we are working with and i hope soon they will be able to be ready for baptism. I sometimes before bed just sit and think about what i can do better to help them. But i think my time in this area is running out. elder Gamboa is a great missionary and i know if i go (Hopefully not) he will be able to take care of everyone. I really think this will be my last transfer here so ive been starting to have Elder Gamboa do alot more so when the time comes he can lead the area. The main thing i have learned throughout my entire misison is whatever happened the people we teach will be ok and ill be ok as long as i trust in my heavenly father.
Spider eating other spiders

Allen's baptism

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