Monday, August 1, 2016

Learning how to Soapbox

December 14, 2014

Thats awesome and i will send videos today soap boxing was ok i stood and taught the first part of a lesson in preach my gospel but no one really listened we were doing it wrong i was on trade offs when we did it and it was only elder marchel and i a missionary who already finished his mission came up to us and told us how to do it right we need at least 6 missionarys and while one preaches the rest go and talk to people the one that preaches is manily to grab preoples attention. The greatest thing happened my companion and i were walking to the chapel and a man yelled out "Hey is Joseph Smiths" and we thought he was just gona make fun of us but he was just joking he was a great person he had such a HUGE respect for the gospel he was in jail and when he was there he read the BoM 7 times and the Bible 3 time and a whole bunch of other books writen by the prophets he knew so much about the gospel  unfortunately he is addicted to drugs and he is homeless .He said he was going to go get some before he saw us luckaly he was clear when he was us. i tryed to give him a BoM because he had not read it since getting out of jail and the corner was bent he was so sad he kindly said i should be more carefull and how important the book is and how many prophets died for it. He was also so respectful to my companion and i just because we had the holy ghost and the priesthood. A man walked past and snottly said "god bless" and he kindly said to him that he should not use gods name in vain like that. His knowledge of  the gospel was way above mine. he wants so badly to go back to church but he feels so unworthy because of the drugs he thinks he is beyond saving its so sad. After he left i was thinking and the holy ghost told me threw feelings that if we teach him and bring him back to christ he will go and convert hundreds of people. When he bore his testamony the spirit was so strong. I have been praying everyday that we see him again so we can teach him and bring him back. Oh ill send pictures now i have better internet right now

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