Saturday, August 13, 2016

Showing Love

October 4, 2015

This week was awesome!We had alot of great news. We are getting a new missionary on wednesday. Elder Brown and i will be training a new missionary from the Philippines. It will be great. Also not this weekend but next one June will get baptized on Oct 17 he is someone that the zone leaders and elder Brown and i have been working on. The zone leaders found him but they want him to get baptized in  our area because usually when YSA get baptized in their ward they go less active so we have been bringing him to church and the activitys. He is awesome and really converted. Sundays are alwase miracle days. Yesterday we were on our way to church and we met alot of potentials and a new investigator. Also with the new investigator came revelation on how we can find more people because it is really had to find new investigators. There is a University(Uni) in our area and they have a united christian bible study there. It is open to all and it is just people studding the bible in groups. It will be a great place to meet alot of people that hopefully want to learn more about Jusus Christ. We have to be careful though. There may be some really anit people there but if we handle everything with love then it will be a great place to find new investigators. Speaking of antis i still get antied once a week it has been a great learning experience. I have learned the best way to handle when someone comes up and starts to yell or say not kind words is to show love. Thats what Jesus did. When i started to do this they alwase get thrown off. Then we have a good talk and they feel better about Mormon missionarys. seeds get planted. Also we had another miracle on tradeoffs elder Brown found a new investigator and he got his address. we went to the address and it was an apartment and he did not give us the number so we said a prayer asking what apartment number he lives in and we both got different numbers so we went to both and no one answered the door both times. So on the way down i got the prompting to knock on one more and it was his door he let us in and we had a great lesson. That was a huge miracle because Josh is really solid and his brother joined in the lesson too. Great week!
Elder Hsu and President

Elder Tsu and President

After Baptism


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