Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stepping It Up

June 1, 2015

I cant begin to describe how this week went. It was amazing. First we had a conference with Elder cook. The whole mission was there even the south mission. There is an article about it on lds.org we all got to shake his hand. Also Elder Pearson came too and he did smaller conferences around our mission so we got to have a 7 hour conference with him Yesterday ( That is why p-day is today) The things that were taught were simply indescribable. I have been committed to find out how my family joined the church so how? also i was curious how did everyone elces family join the church? Also he said that our generation was the generation who would be the parents of the people who would be in the last days. Lastly we have been committed to ask every night when we pray to ask "what more can i do". The biggest thing that stood out to me is that it is time to step it up again. To work even harder then before to work so hard and not care about myself. I have been looking at everything ive been doing an i see i can do more for example study during meals and after planning small things i can do better. I realize that time is short and i can do better. Heavenly father has done so much for me so i can step it up for him. Another thing that was mentioned was to never get discouraged. That there are things out of my hands that i just have to invite and have faith. After that it is the persons decision. and if things are not going well that i have to have the faith not to succeed. Meaning that if things are not going well i need enough faith to trust in heavenly father to know that he has his timing that i need to be patient(again). Since doing that i have realized the feeling of wanting to run to every house proclaiming the gospel. Things are awesome!

Elder Pearson

Game night



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