Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bearing Testimony

August 23, 2015

This week we did not get lost witch was good. But we were going to an activity with a recent convert we were on a train and he said " ok we have to run because the next train we need to get on leaves 1 min after this train stops" I thought he meant jog but once the doors opened he ran as fast as he could out and we ran after him up 2 sets of 50ish escalators it was really fun. We made it witch was great. A few days later Elder Brown and i were on the train going to a lesson and there were 2 18 year olds sitting and talking a few seats in front of us. Then they started to talk about what is the point of life. They talked about what they think then the spirit told me go now so i got up and went over and started to talk to them. They gave me a "Who do you think you are and we are smarted then you look" but they asked me "ok what are your views" i started the Plan of salvation but they cut me off and started to say there is not god and just speaking bad about him. They stared to talk that "it is not logical that there is a god all the feelings is just your brain" But then the spirit told me bear testimony so i did and while i was they were both quiet the guy nodded a bit at what i was saying and i saw something the the girls eyes. I think that something happened so that she is angry at god. unfortunately it was our stop so we had to get off they said thank you and we got off. Testimony can not be argued no one can say a testimony is not true. For the Japanese study i got 20 of the 110 characters of japanese memorized after that i just need to memorize the last alphabet then learn the meanings. I can really see heavenly father helping me learn. It is truly amazing i can pray in japanese but only opening "Thank you for my family/calling, Help me learn japanese" closing. Also if you ever go to a Native Chinese persons house and it is a really hot day ask for cold water because if you just ask for water they will give you hot water. 
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