Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Singing to the Members

July 26, 2015
This week I have been sick pritty much all week but the great thing was that every morning I prayed that I would have the strength to work and heavenly father has blessed me so much so I was able to but once we got home I was dead. Something bishop recommended for us to do to get to know the members more was to just stop by members homes sing them a song then go. So for one day that’s all we did. The members loved it they felt the spirit and we got to know them a bit more. Also there was a primary dinner on Saturday. It was really good it was just all the teachers, the bishopric and all the missionarys for the ward. It was a really nice fancy dinner and we got to talk and get to know a lot of the members more. Bishop wanted us to go so we could help serve and talk and that was pretty fun. We also had our first interview with our new mission president president checketts. He is awesome and really good. Also following the spirit is an awesome thing we were riding bikes to sing to a member and elder Lewis was a bit ahead of me and I got the impression to stop and look to my right . so I did and saw just a house and the spirit told me to knock on that door I looked up ahead and elder Lewis was really far ahead now. I was about to just forget about it but the spirit told me to stay and wait. So I did and in a little bit elder Lewis came back wondering what I was doing and I told him that we should knock on this door. We went and this lady opens the door. She is very nice and wants to learn more but her work is unpredictable but if she is home she will learn. We gave her a book of Mormon and told her about it. She committed to reading. That was a miracle.  Aslo something funny one of the members their neighbour’s rabbit got out and we saw the opportunity to do some service so I tried to catch it. we dident get it because it ran under a house. Thank you all so much for the happy birthdays!
10 kgs of mussels from the Tongan members

My bday cake (orange)

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