Sunday, August 14, 2016

Healing a Bird

March 13, 2016

This one picture really strengthened and gave me a new view of the priesthood. Elder Uasi and i were sitting at a bus stop near a busy road. While we were talking we saw 2 birds land on the road and one get run over. When i say run over i mean the bird went under the tire. It struggled for a bit and tried to fly but did not get very far and landed right in front of us. Elder Uasi picked it up and it was really messed up. one side of it was all deformed and one of the legs was near its head. Elder Uasi moved the leg back to where it belongs and told me to give it a priesthood blessing. Honestly i thought he was jokeing but he was dead serious. I did not know we could even do that. then a calm feeling came over me and all the doubt went away. I put my hands on its head and gave it a blessing that it would be healed. After the blessing the bird was calm then jumped onto elder Uasi's chest. He grabbed it again and when we saw it the bird did not look deformed any more. Then it flew to the top of a telephone wire and then later to a small tree then to a tall tree then it flew away like nothing happened. Heavenly father healed that bird. Elder Uasi told me that this is not the first time he has experienced something like this. Through faith all things are possible and heavenly father loves all his creations. I knew it before but now i have an assurance that heavenly father lives and if he cares enough to heal that little bird how much more worth are we. No matter what happens no matter what trials come. Im not worried because i have my heavenly father looking after me.

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