Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Gospel Changes Lives

December 27, 2015

we had a miracle monday last week. Since we would have kinda a day off on christmas we had a half p day last monday and it was full of miracles. First Jake Josh's brother who said he will never read the book of mormon read it. All the way to Alma 1. He called us with a humble heart and said he thought he knew god but he but he dosent. He read and it really touched his heart. He even came to church. The one week he started reading his addictions have dropped heaps and he is so much happier. Its so amazing to see how much the gospel changes people and how fast. At the end of monday we had 30 min left before we planned to have dinner. We wanted to use the time up effectively but we were in an area that has been tracked by missionarys for years and everyone knows us there. But we followed a prompting to knock on some apartments close by. We could not even get in the doors to get in the flats were locked but we met Shine from india. He was working in his garage. He was intrested in learning. Hard work pays off! Alen one of our investigators will be baptized on the 9th of january. He is really awesome. we are still working on everyone elce. Its really great the work here.
Teaching Alen Golding

Went home for a bit

Elder Arima and Elder Nathan

Me, Trainer, Trainee

Timperlies christmas dinner

The Road Ahead (Elder Gamboa, Elder Arima)

Coin Stack

Cartoon Companion

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