Monday, August 1, 2016

First and last letter from the MTC

 November 26, 2014
happy thankgiving mom yea my p day is today but i am leaving soon this is my last week here so can you send a letter insted of e mail because next monday on december 1 at 6;30 i will be leaving to australia my flight leaves at 6;30 and i will be able to call you so please be home i would love to talk to you and dad i am not homesick yet and this is such a great place my companion and i taught a investigator and our teacher says that he might be a REAL INVESTIGATOR or just a member renating them selfs before they joined the church because he said there is a mixture of both but it dosent matter his name is eric and he is a cool person we have taught him twice and we both already have a love form him we both loved teaching him and he is so willing to learn the last time we tech him is on saterday oh and about the visa thing i got mine but my two roommates the ones in my district did not they are going to michigan for at least 1 rotation witch lasts  weeks i feel bad for them but it just means they have work to do in america first when i go to australia it will be me and one other elder when we go. Oh and the coolest thing happened Dallen H. Oaks came to speak to us there is so many things that i have learned from him and my teachers that it is impossable to wright them all down just know i am leaning and i cant wait to get in the feild it has been kinda sad for the last two days though because the elders that have come a week before us are all gone they are all on their missions and we all miss them they have taught us so much even though they have been here for a week but it is ok because they are serving the lord. i cannot send pictures here but once i get out on the feild i will send you all the pictures.
Love Elder Arima

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