Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lessons in Patience

May 24, 2015

I have learned a lot this week. The main thing was to be patient . It was a bit hard in the beginning i admit. Once elder white left i got everything that he did and a new companion who is older then me. Hes not super bad but little disobedience while i was trained to be exact. But while praying and reading the book of Mormon then later talking to president Howes. He told me something that changed my view. He told me more about elder leak about how he did not have the same blessings of having an obedient trainer or companions. But he already has been making great progress. I thought about what he said and prayed a lot then realized i have to be more patient. That is the lesson heavenly father want me to learn at this time. Ever since i have realized this things have gotten so much better. Things are not perfect but they are improving greatly. i have looked back on this week and have seen a change. at the beginning i thought what can i do to help him change. As of now i know that i have to change so that things will work out. Im not saying to be disobedient but to ask heavenly father" What can i do to change so things will work" and he will let us know so that we are able to keep his commandments and change for the better. That goes for our investigators too. I hate collage because right now we have 5 people we could be teaching who are solid investigators but cant learn because they have to study but it is ok they finish end of june. I need to be patient and keep in contact with them so when the right time does come we will be ready. Just put our trust in heavenly father and the rest will work out. simple to learn hard to master.

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