Monday, August 1, 2016

Adjusting to Life in Australia

December 7, 2014
i am having a great time i was really tired on the first few days but the lord has really helped me by day 4 i was wide awake im not jet lagged anymore and i have been able to teach well. My new companion is from new zealand and he is awesome he is a great trainer and a great missionary. The city is alot like Hawaii except instead of Japanese and Hawaiians there is Chinese and Australians but we dont meet that many Australians mostly Asians. The biggest challange here though is understanding people most can only speak a little English but more people are willing to learn. On thursdays my companion and i teach a english class its really funney one man i forget his name but we asked everyone what their favorite Holiday is and he answered Sunday. Oh and our ward is a YSA ward like the one i went to back home and we have 16 missionarys and 4 senior couples over the ward it is insane. But there is still alot of work to be done.

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