Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Are Daily Sowing

November 15, 2015

this week was one of the hardest and most fun weeks i have ever had on my mission. We started to go out to the uncharted regions of the area so far away. One thing companions are really inspired of god because Elder Gamboa is awesome. when i was new i would not be able to do the things we have done. All our lessons cancelled this week every one. That is all good though because that just really confirmed to me what we needed to do so we did our studies (Personal,companionship,12 weeks, Lang study) then went out at 1 after lunch and did not come back till 8 sometimes 9. Out door knocking all day. On average every day we taught 3 lessons. The rest of the time was people telling us to leave as soon as we introduced our selfs. most of the days it was pouring rain and we forgot our jackets one day. I actually liked that day the most we just but the things that could get damaged in plastic bags then walked in the rain. It was really nice and  i liked walking in the rain we actually were able to teach someone because of it haha. After the 2nd day of this i said a prayer at night really asking if what we were doing was right. Then the thought that came to my mind was that we are ment to sow not to reap at least for this season. Then lessons came into my mind how i could sow better how to appeal to the people so that the next time people meet misisonarys they will be a bit more open to the gospel. So from that day i have been applying the things i have learned and Elder Gamboa gave me a letter he got form his sister and even more things came to my mind. I cannot explain everything manily because i forgot. This is a perfect example how i dont do anything only heavenly father. I will learn something and then forget it in the next hour then when it is needed it will come to my mind weather teaching, finding or in meetings it alwase comes. Then i forget it again. We sowed all the week long and still had no one to teach but we were successful i now know what it means when they say success in the invitation. Then on sunday and even while i am wrighting this we have been so blessed i am speechless about how these things happened. Josh is going hard he stopped one of his drug addictions while still off of alcohol. Then his Joshua and his wife jenelle all came to church and loved it they really felt the spirit and told us they really felt it. Then while i was writing this Elder Gamboa cries out Whats this and we found 5 refferals were sent to him form church hq. All really solid people from what i feel. I cannot describe my joy and excitement or the other huge miracles that have happened because this is already really long. The funny things is we got antied 2 times this week one of them said the bible is true because they found laundry bills at the bottom of the sea i got a video ill send it with the other videos soon im just really busy p day is not really p day but its ok im having too much fun working. Also i got a really fun assignment to get all the information from all the missionary reports on working with the members and compileing them all into one. I feel like mormon haha it has been a hard week but i loved every bit of it.
Biggest spider in the world

Josh, Joshua, and Jenelle

Japanese study

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