Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Gospel is Simple

March 20, 2016

Something that i love the most is the end of the day. When the day is finished we all sit around and talk about the gospel this is my favourite time. It actually really fun we talk about the miracles we have had during the day then we all discuss doctrine. i have learned heaps from this. The gospel is so simple every question no matter how hard or deep the answer is simple and easy. You just have to dig. sometimes it just blows my mind how simple it is. The zone leaders talked about how to gain knowledge you cant just jump to get it you have to take steps. 1. you need to study the word. 2. You need to have faith. need to have hope need to gain charity. 5.then comes then knowledge. I was thinking about this and its so true. if you want faith you need to pray and study. If you want hope you need faith. if you want charity you need hope. then when you have all these heavenly father will give you knowledge. The gospel is just so amazing! i wish that i could type everything i have learned but somethings i cant even explain. 

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