Friday, August 12, 2016

Teaching the Chinese Residents

August 16, 2015

This week was a good one. First off i got permission to start learning Japanese since a couple of transfers ago we lost all our japanese speaking missionarys i asked president checketts if i could start learning and he said ok. it will be good because there are alot of people from japan(especially in my new are and the city) so the work will go on. Also i found out that one of the recent converts in my first area semor he got deported back to Brazil. It was kinda sad but he seems ok with it as far as i know. this week we were in the mission office for about 2 days because Elder Brown had to apply for collage because if he did not do it now he would not be able to study till next year. Then i got sick after that so unfortunately we were not able to go finding as much as we wanted to. But when i got sick the Elder in the flat gave me a blessing and i was hopeing for a " you will be fine as long as you are diligent in the work" like what happened last time i was sick but this time the blessing pretty much told me to stay home and study how to help the Chinese people. There are 8 misisonarys 2 sisters from china and 6 English speaking elders. The sisters are smashing the work but the rest of us are struggling a bit mainly because most people in the area are Chinese and they are the hardest people to teach but i realized that it was such a blessing i got sick because i got to spend the entire day studying,thinking, and praying to find a way to better our teaching to apply to help them. I read the dedicatory prayer of china and studied Preach my Gospel and heavenly father has blessed me with the revaluation that the best way to help our Chinese brothers and sisters realize the truth was 3 main things 1. Bear testimony how the gospel has blessed my life personally. 2. Have the Chinese members do the same. and 3. Teach the restoration so simply that it is impossible to miss understand and teach it so that the spirit will pierce there hearts so they will know that the truth is back. Elder Brown and i talked about this and we agreed that every personal study for a while we will role play teaching the restoration simply and powerfully in companionship study until it is perfect. Im really excited for the work and miracles that will come out of this.

Last area his garage burned down Blake

Greenwich area

Elder Brown and flattmates waiting for ward mission leader

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