Sunday, August 14, 2016

Public Relations

July 17, 2016

This week we drove a lot! First I drove down to Tamworth (4 hours round trip) to wait for Elder Samin. Then the next day we drove to Collarenebri  (4) to help a newly moved in member paint their house. Then on Saturday we drove to lightning ridge (6) to bring the sacrament to the members up there. Then about another 2 hours from trips to the smaller towns near Narrabri. So in total we drove 16 hours and about 1700 kilometres. First in Collarenebri we are really lucky to be getting the Polsonis. They are a great couple. Them moved to the middle of nowhere because they felt like that is where they need to be. We have the Lee family in Collarenebri. Sister Lee is very sick from her pregnancy so we know that the Polsonis will be a huge support to them. Then in lightning ridge. I always love the sacrament meeting up there even though it was small it is always powerful! We actually had more people come to the sacrament meeting in lightning ridge then in Narrabri. A lot of the members are on vacation so we had 8 people including us and the Pierces at church but it was still great! We talked to Marrie one of the bosses at vinnies (a catholic humanitarian thing). We talked to her about starting an addiction recovery class using the LDS church program. She said she would talk to her priest. Hopefully we can get this running to help a lot of people and get some new investigators. It will also be really good to work with another church so that maybe the people of Narrabri will hate us less haha. Actually that is getting a lot better because Elder Stianhagen and I did a lot of public relation things and it has been working. So it will be exciting to see what will happen but we are expecting great things!
No one knows...

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