Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Week of Miracles

September 20, 2015

This has been a great week. In the beginning of the week we met 2 Americans Rebecca and her mother form Maine they are here so the daughter and have an operation so she can walk again. The weird thing was they had accents it is so weird that people from my own country have accents. The cool thing was they said i had a aussie accent! They were not that interested though. then throughout the week we all got sick again. Both zone leaders and half of the district. I woke up throwing up so i had a blessing and rested and the next day i was completely fine everyone else was still sick one of the sisters could not work all that week. Im so grateful for the blessing of the priesthood. Then on sunday this was the highlight of the week it was a miracle sunday. Church was amazing really revalatory and lots of answered questions then we planned to go visit a potential anabell the one who said we were glowing. She lives about an hour and a half away but when we were in Chatswood waiting for the train i really felt prompted to visit the Johansens real quick so we went over there and we found out one of the daughters tryed to commit suicide. She lives away from home but we were able to talk with sister Johansen. She was really grateful for the visit. She is less active and struggling with alot of WoW things but has a huge amount of faith and great desire. We will call the elders that work in  the area that the hospital is in so the daughter can receive a blessing. On the way back to the train station we saw Maddie another potential and she was happy to see us and wanted to meet up tomorrow! It has been really hard to get in contact with her because of work but she really wants to learn.  We finally got to anabels house well near her house we forgot to ask her when we met her what number in the apartment she lives .( we met her outside) so we said a prayer asking heavenly father what house number she is in and instantly a number came to my mind so we went and knocked on the door and it was her house! She was really happy to see us again and she was excited to learn. She was busy putting children to bed but she will call us later to set up a time. The miracles did not stop there! We were going to go home but we took the wrong bus and enned up in the city so we just got off and took a train back to our area and in the train was Rebecca and her mother. We talked and they were a bit more interested they asked questions and we were able to teach them. She goes for the operation on wednesday and they go home end of October and they live in our area i think they can learn and be baptized before they go home. They agreed to having us come and visit her in the hospital.Lastly we were going home and right outside our flat there was a man with a flat tire. We offered help and he agreed. The nuts were tightened so much that we bent the multi tool trying to get them off. So he called for help and we were able to teach him a bit. He was really excited about everything we said and he gave us his address and phone number and said to call him Oct. 8 because he will be going on vacation this week. He even committed to read the book of Mormon. This week has really been full of miracles wynn a former less active got married in the temple and we helped him at the reception. He is awesome and took us to a sushi train. At first he said come i will take you to dinner and we agreed and he asked us what we wanted and we said subway? and he looked at us and said "What subway no not good enough lets go here"(the sushi train) He was really funny there elder Brown and i knew it was expensive so we tried not to eat alot but he kept grabbing things and told us to eat we told him we were full and he looked at us then said "No your not eat more!" then he grabbed more plates. Finally we convinced him we were done and he looked at the price and said "what not enough come lets go get dessert" we were able to talk him out of it. Wynn is awesome so funny. Also can everyone pray that my family my be comforted my uncle David had a huge heart attack.
Saved for $0.

Sushi Train

Wedding kitchen staff

Wynn at his wedding

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