Sunday, August 14, 2016

Serving the Members

March 28, 2016

Right now we are trying to activate the ward. I feel really bad for bishop hes really overwhelmed. He has alot of callings that need to be filled but when he calls people they say no. There is not even an elders quorum. We had a meeting with bishop and he asked us to strengthen the members. So thats what we have been doing all day. at first when we tried to set lessons with the members they never let us in. A bit later the missionarys had a conference with Elder neilson and he asked us to study about ammon. The revelation came. When ammon was asked why he was there he did not say to teach you or something like that he said he wanted to be a servant. He did not even mention about teaching untill the robbers come for the sheep. He waited for the right time. so thats what we did. We went and instead of asking to have a lesson we asked to do service. Then while we serve gospel topics alwase come up. 

This i think sums up my companion. Its always funny when you have a companion from tonga. Hes very calm and nice but i turn away/wake up and some how he turned over the bed sometime during the night haha.

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