Sunday, August 14, 2016


July 3, 2016

The Tamoworth elders came to Narribri for tradeoffs this week. It was funny to fit us all in the shed. I was with E.Finlinsin. We went to Coonabarabran. We visited all our contacts on the way to and around that town. We were really lucky actually because everyone was home except for one person. Its kinda funny actually because no one really has phones here so we cant call ahead to let them know we are coming. So we just have to go drive the hour and a half and hope everyone is home. That is why we are very aware of the spirit of where we should go. I think that is something that I have learned a lot in this area how to listen to the spirit better. So many times we are just too lucky(Blessed!) One less-active (Loy) is now a Catholic and she does not really want to change but she is ok with us visiting. So we just go once a month and kinda have a home teaching visit. We talk then share a message she enjoys when I sing in Japanese so she expects me to learn a new song each time we visit so its good im held accountable haha. We also got what every missionary wants an updated household report! This is the best so not this week (We are really busy this week) but next week we will go and visit every single less-active on the list and try to clean it up. Also Transfers are this week so next week ill let you all know what happened. I think I will stay hopefully till I finish but if I go it does not matter where ever heavenly father wants me ill happily go because I know He knows whats best.
Spudnuts (potato doughnuts)

Betty and Sis. Pierce

Chinese dinner


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