Monday, August 1, 2016

Special Training

January 25, 2015

Happy Australia Day This week has been a huge learning week we had a special training this week that is just when president and sister Howes comes and gives us a training it is usually an all day thing. They have taught us so many interesting and scary things. Until i have come in my mission i have not understood the authority and power the lord has given to the missionary. it is honestly scary. President Howes told us a story about how a companionship had to curse a village. he talked about how the village just would not listen and like in the old days the missionarys were kicked out so they called their mission president and the mission president told them to curse the village and the steps to do it. After they finished the mountain near the village collapsed and destroyed the village i hope i do not ever have to do something like that. Also a problem that i might have to face is possessed people. President told us that even some of the missionarys here have been possessed. This usually happens because of disobedience. President said that if we think our companion or a member in the ward is possessed we call him immediately. We have to ask the person what is possessing them and they will tell you then president will tell us how to cast it out. This has happened in Australia. I might have to face it someday so that just means i have to be exactly obedient and grow my faith. On a lighter note Elder David A. Bednard is coming to our mission. Also i had a really fun opportunity on friday. I was on tradeoffs with elder Drubay from Utah he has been on his mission for 18 months he is almost done and he is a really great missionary. Anyway we went to victoria park and started talking to around 30 college students. They mostly spoke spanish but had decent english. So we ended up teaching the restoration to all of them the best part was they all listened. unfortunately they were all to busy for a return appointment but we gave alot of restoration phanflets and english class flyers. Alot of potentials came from that they really did enjoy the lesson. Another thing from the special training is that the missionarys in the city are "training Chinese missionarys" our recent converts that are Chinese before they go back home should be taught how the church works because the church in china has no leadership as in the wards there are all run by the members no out side help because the government wont let any church leadership go in there and minister to the wards there. As you know no missionarys can go there eathier. The wards there can not even get church literature no song books or book of Mormons when ever a chinese resident goes back home they are allowed to take one of each of the church books so we give it to them and they give it to the wards. They also teach their familys. That is manily how we help the work in china. Well the wrok here is going well we have a baptisimal date with harry jennys friend he is trying to be baptized on February 28. I am having a great time here and really enjoy the work. The city was a really good place to start my mission.

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