Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fellowshipping the Residents of Narrabri

May 1, 2016

So it is a new month that means new ks(Kilometres) I also received an answer to what heavenly fathers plan is. To build up the kingdom of god in Narrabri. Thinking back I really see how things are lining up for that to happen. Lightning ridge is one of the furthest places in the area and mission. There is one strong member there. She has 4 grandchildren who want to be baptized I think her daughter is less active. We visit that area once a month on a Saturday to have church (since it is too far away) As long as the members there go to that meeting once a month they are considered active. So since we have the ks we are planning to go up there and live with the family for a few days so we can teach them. Also the work is a lot different in the town that we live in. Since the missionarys have tracked the area so much the people here do not like us at all. So what the senior couple said we should do is just to walk around town and just make small talk not really teach so that the people do not hate us that much. So there was a huge fair this last weekend so we went to that and just walked around and talked to some people. We saw Bo she is married to a less active (she is a non-member) she loves us and when we told her what we were doing she said "just walk around with me I know everyone so they will ask me who you are and ill tell them!" So that's what we did and people stopped giving us the stink eye haha. But when we left here to go home they did again. but its ok I know it did a lot of good. We just need to get out of this town and work the other ones for a bit. That is why im really excited to have the ks again. 
Finally saw kangaroos

Monster Truck

We found about 5 of these in the garage

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