Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blessings of the Spirit

May 15, 2016

Some really great things have happened this week! First is the grass was dying because we walk from the garage to our shed house a lot so we went to a less active and he gave us a lot of pavers. So we made a walkway. The Pierces were happy about it so they could get to the garage better. A goal that I have had on my mission was to become so converted that I know I would never become less active and that happened so the next goal was to be able to recognize the spirit so well that I would not question if the prompting was the spirit or not.I have alwase known about the spirit but it has alwase been hard to know the difference between emotions and my own head from the spirit. I was saying my night prayer and it just hit me. I had prayed and fasted and searched out and it happened. I was just hit with the spirit so hard. I knew that I would know now. I was so happy I could not sleep that night. Since that happened I know the spirit without question it is such a great thing. Because of this after following some promptings we were at Dannys house. She is our baptisimal date with a lot of medical problems. She has seizures a lot. We had a lesson and in the middle of it she had one. After we taught about priesthood blessings and she wanted one. She was blessed that the seizures would stop. Im eager to visit again and see the happiness on her face when she tells us that she has not had one since the blessing. I have only 6 months left. Honestly im excited to go home just like im excited to go back to heavenly father one day but until then in both cases im going to do all I can until that time comes. There is a lot to be done. 

Building a walkway

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