Saturday, August 13, 2016

Eternal Principles

December 20, 2015

This week we have been runing around teaching it was great! We had very little time to do finding. But when we did that day we were not having any success so we said a prayer and asked what house to go to. Then we followed the spirit and the first house we knocked on the lady was interested in learning. But she was going to have a forced labor the day after so she said to come back in a few weeks then she will learn! We had to drop one baptismal date. Tim was drunk in the lesson and his ex gave him heaps of anti material. We brought the spirit and he broke down crying. Then his mind was brought back to the anti and he denied the spirit. Then we had him say a prayer and he broke down again. Then again denied it. lastly we read the book of mormon. He broke down then denied it. Then the spirit told Elder Gamboa and i at the time time that its over we did what we could and his heart it hard. It was really sad He felt the spirit 3 time but denied it. I was thinking of some doctrine this week about how once someone dies they either enter into a state of peace and rest or the outer darkness.  Alma40:11-13 Both are states of mind. If you follow the gospel of Jesus Christ(faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to end(endow, seal,)) then when you enter into that state of rest you remember everything. You remember who you were in the pre-mortal world and all the things you did there. You will be at peace knowing you did all you were commanded to do. But you will not automatically know everything. Gaining knowledge is an eternal principle. Its one of the reasons we came to this earth. In order to progress and move on you need to gain more knowledge. Think of how important  progression is. heavenly father sent us to this earth to progress and he knew that everyone might not make it back to him forever but we would all progress. A member told me something thats so true  "we are here to learn how to master our bodies not to become slaves to it." What i like to think of now is am i acting on the desires of my mortal mind or spiritual.

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