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 January 19, 2015
We have decided that sister Jiang will not be baptized this week because she does not feel like she is ready she has been praying every day and reading the scriptures but she says she is still not receiving an answer. We had a lesson with her a bit ago and the entire lesson we were resolving concerns but she is still not ready she leaves back to china for holiday on 1 February and gets back 1 march but she still really wants to learn and we both know that it is just not the right time. Our other investigator Harry her friend has a baptismal date for the 24th of February and we are excited we talked to the elders who taught him before and they were excited also. We also had an interesting thing happened a wile ago we met Maxine from china and she agreed to a lesson at victoria park.(A 40 min walk from our flat) we got there and started talking to Michael also from china he was interested to learn and we got a text from Maxine saying she was going to be a hour late while we were talking to Michael and he had spare time so we taught him  he was really interested to he set up a return appointment. Then we taught Maxine but the weird thing was she showed up listened to the lesson then flat out said she did not want to learn more because she did not want to spend the time to learn she would rather stay home. But we taught Michael again on Sunday and found out he suffers from depression. It is so interesting on how he thought of things because when we talked about the Atonement and the ordinance of baptism he thought those were metaphors we had to tell him boldly they were not and he still wants to learn more witch is awesome. Also something funny that happened i was on a trade off with elder Ko a Korean speaking elder and they had a lesson that day so i sat in on a lesson where they mostly spoke Korean. But the spirit really helped me there because when they did speak English i knew the part of the lesson they were on and could put an input in. Elder white is still my companion. Elder Honemau was Elder Arnolds companion but now Elder Ocler is Elder Arnolds companion they are in the same flat as Elder White and i. Elder white and i had a lesson with a Mongolian family a few days ago they come to our english class Tseku( Se ku) son Khan(han 11) daughter Kholan(Ko lan 16) and Tsovoo(To vah 20ish) the Tsovoo did not come to the lesson but came to FHE later that night but Tseku Khan and Kholan did we had the only mongolian member in the ward there to translate Kholan and khan had not bad english but the mother could hardly speak.Nora the member who was actually baptized a month ago helped us so much she taught more then us. Anyway all is still good here. The work is going well and we are all happy.
On our way to a Chinese fireside
My flatmates and Elder Dick and Elder Noland our senior missionarys

Elder Yang and me

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