Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Antagonistic Encounter

March 16, 2015

Yes i got the package thank you so much i have it next to me now. We just got back from the temple today is a temple p day so that is why it is on Tuesday. i got the debit card and awesome i got 200 bucks. i might use that today to get the hair cutters if i have time. I think that 700 will be enough for my entire mission.This week has been simply amazing there are no words to describe how great this week went. We as a zone decided to pray by name for each other everyday and we have seen the benefits. All of us got 5 new investigators and all of our Key indicators( Lessons with a member present, Other lessons, New investigators, Baptismal dates.) doubled. Marcio is doing awesome he really wants to be baptized he is super solid he was even fellowshiping another elders investigator during church. He is awesome. Unfortunately he leaves next month he will still be baptized here but he will be going home to Brazil soon after.but the good thing is that he is really excited about sharing the gospel with his family. Also Cholie our investigator agreed to be baptized. The date is set for April 25. We are really excited for her. Things has just been falling into place. We all know it is because heavenly father has really blessed us. Also I had an experiance with an Anti that was really interesting.  I was on tradeoffs with elder Ostler from utah and we pass by a whole bunch of them preaching and not doing so well. we talk to one of them a guy just to be nice to show that we can all be friends then his wife walks over and he moves back. She starts Anti-ing us. She was in her 50s and has studied the bible alot. She started quoting scripture to us trying to trick us into saying something wrong. But the spirit was with us we stayed calm and did not get angry and we did not do it just to make her mad but to bring her to the truth. We answered all her questions and we were not confounded once we did not even stummer. we both said things we did not know we knew. She was confounded alot we asked her many times to bear her testimony about her church and she would not. every time we asked she would just say "I got the bible" She could not answer any of our questions she would alwase change the subject so at the end we said. "you are alot older then us and have alot more experience in religion.We both have gotten trained for only 2 weeks. We are only 18 and we have answered all your questions and have not stummered once" Then we both bore testimony about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. then we left. She meant well but was just to close minded to listen to the spirit it is saddening that she will not hearken to the word of the lord .The church is true.
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