Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Miracles

October 18, 2015

This week has been one of the most fruitfull weeks of the area. We had so many miricles i cannot wright them all because lack of time. The main one is that we have a new missionary with Elder Brown and I his name is elder Gamboa and he just came to Australia last wednesday. We are training him. He is already a very good missionary. He wants to learn and he really wants to work hard witch is the best.  One of the main miracles that has happened is that we have 2 new investigators Joshua and Gazel. we met Joshua at a bus stop he came up to us and wanted to learn, We got his number and address and then when we got to his house he said that he has been praying everyday that we would come. For some reason he thought we would not. He has some WOW issues but really wants to change. We met his wife Gazel and she wants to be baptized really bad. same with Joshua. He has been though alot. He was on drugs and then went to prison and thats where he learned about the church from a islander member. Since then he got off drugs and got married and has stayed out of prison. He bore his testimony to us about how the church changed his life even though he does not know alot. He wants us to teach then baptize him. When he was saying all of that my eyes started to water a bit. The spirit was so strong in the room. Another miracle was it was a really hot day and we did not have much success so we were on our way home for dinner then a bus drove past and it had a advertisement for a melon frostie at hungry jacks(Burger king) so we were close my one so we went to go get one and then in the line a guy came up and started to talk to us and told us he has been a christian his whole life but never gets his prayers answered. Jonah was so eager to learn he asked if we could teach him right there. so we did and set up another lesson. No dinner that night but it was so worth it.  We also went ice skating for p day today.
New Elder Gamboa

Joshua and Gazel

Flying Leaf

Flying Leaf

Ice skating on P-day

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