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March 29, 2015

The baptism went really well Andy was one of the people we have asked to speak and he did an amazing job. He really brought the spirit into the room when he talked. I did the baptizm and Brother willson did the confirmation then i was the voice for the Aronic priesthood. In this mission they have a saying " if they are worthy to be baptized they are worthy for the Aronic priesthood" Even Marcio said in his testimony that he knows that baptism is only the beginning unfortunately he will be leaving a week after Easter. He misses his home country. But i know that he will be a strong member and continue on the right path. Here it is the stormy season it is raining alot my shoes are constantly soaked so now i just have wet shoes and dry shoes one pair if it is raining and one if it is not. i really like the rain it makes finding alot more fun also for some reason people are alot more open when it is raining. Also a crazy thing happened in this mission a few areas away two missionarys one a big Tongan. got home after getting mcdonalds abd saw all their stuff on the floor they first thought they got robbed so they went to their room next thinking it would be a prank and they would find the other missionarys went into the room and felt that someone was in the closet they opened it up and their was the robber of course freaked out because of the Tongan missionary. they talked to him and got his story and the spirit told them to be kind and they were they ended up giving him food and cloths. Things have been very good this past month. Next week is transfers so i might stay or i might leave i think i am going stay Elder White thinks he will leave. Usually only in this zone 2 elders and sometimes 1 sister leave at at time missionarys usually stay here for a long time. Elder Stephens will go home this transfer so thats one and some of the other elders have been here for a long time Elder white has been in this area for 5 transfers. but we never know.
Elder White, Marcio, Elder Arima

Elder White, Marcio, Elder Arima, Andy

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