Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Korean haircuts

February 9, 2015
Everything is going great we have a few more awesome investigators and i am still in the city but elder ocler moved to the zone leaders flat, elder arnolds new companion is from tiwan elder hsu and we have a japanese sister and a hawaiian sister from the big island. I went to the barber for the first time last monday and they cut it so short it was apostate. Also they left the top really long so elder arnold fixed it up for me. The funnyest part is that there was a baptism the next day and i was giving a talk. The thing for baptisms is that president and sister howes alwase go. So when i saw them they looked at me then sister howes said " was it the koreans" but they understood so i dident get in trouble it was funny. Also something really awesome we did last minuite was we did operation chalkify. We drew the plan of salvation with chalk on the ground and talked to people passing by the entire zone was there. it went really well just the drawing could have been better. Everything is still good here and i will be cutting my own hair from now on.
Operation chalkify

Our recent convert, Nerosh

Elder Arnold & Elder Hsu, the chinese speaking elders

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